This website is a community tool to track policing during the COVID-19 epidemic. This tool was started by community members so that we can see what is happening on the ground and hold police accountable.


To record an incident that you witnessed, please enter your information into the form below.

We remind you to not give names or details that could identify the victims of policing in your description. The form asks for location, what you witnessed, any details of the incident you can provide (number of police, the nature of the response, whether there was violence, behavior of bystanders, etc.) We are also tracking factors like race, if it was a mental health call, if the person was a member of a marginalized group, etc.

When your submission is approved, it will appear on the map located here. The map shows us where incidents are taking place. When you click on a pin, it shows the details of the incident that were submitted.

All submissions will be approved by the moderators of the group.

You can submit incidents during this pandemic that you observed before this tool was created.